WeeGiggles Owners

Julie Warren and Steve Guard are the driving forces of Wee Giggles.

Julie’s 30+ year career as a Registered Nurse has given her the drive to make a safer world for our children.  She has worked in pediatrics her whole career and has seen the effects of our environment on our children.  Julie has toyed with blogging and helping mother’s everywhere with the everyday health problems of their infants.  She has a passion for babies and children and helping their parents to navigate those first somewhat stressful years.

Steve spent many years working for Apple as internal support, but when the day to day grind of the corporate world took it’s toll, he decided to take his chance in the business world.  He is best known for his cooking and grilling passion and shares recipes and tips in his blog “The Grilling Wino”.

Together, Steve and Julie launched a small business GW Dreams, LLC in which they started manufacturing products for both Steve’s passion and Julie’s passion alike.  Wee Giggles was of course, born of Julie’s passion for healthy children’s products.  Since the addition of grandchildren in their lives, they love that the products they produce are products they feel confident giving to their own.  Together they work to find organic and non-toxic products to share with your children.