Customer Testimonials

We love our customers and love to get feedback from them.   We have studied reviews from other products in order to design and improve our own, so your thoughts mean the world to us and help us to improve and make products that are loved by babies everywhere.

This thing is so cool! I needed something to create a safe space for my son after his head surgery and came across this. It was perfect! Unfortunately my son was a lot more mobile than I wanted him to be at the time of surgery and recovery and it was hard for me to keep him still. This grey/black/white pattern was out of stock when I first looked and I emailed the owner to ask to be added to the list for notification when it came in (had seen her offer on someone else's review) and she happily did so. She also sent me back the sweetest email of encouragement regarding my son's upcoming surgery. The new shipment came in within days. The customer service I received was above and beyond the norm and the personal touch added by the WeeGiggles owner was just pure class. I wil buy from her again in a heartbeat!

This is perfect for our 4 month old. The fact that it has sides to keep a baby who is rolling and scooting all over the place safe and in a clean area. We have pets so the fact that this is a clean area and keeps baby toys clean as well is a huge plus. The sides seem to be strong enough for those babies who push with their feet and it stays up. Very happy with my purchase and highly recommend this!

We love this foam mat. Our 7 month old son plays on this mat (we bought 2 and attached them to make a bigger play space) with his toys. He's in the process of crawling, reaching, scooting- you name it... and when he falls over he doesn't seem to mind that much. He likes to take a part the side walls, destructive already, but it keeps him busy. We personally like the colors and when he's older he can use the star, duck, boat cut-out shapes as a puzzle. I was also thinking this mat would be great for the park.

We have absolutely loved this. We use it with 3 of the "walls" up. We leave the 4th wall down so that we can easily sit and play with our baby. It helps to keep my daughter's toys in her play space. It keeps the dog out, as it is a clear border/barrier for the dog to see. It keeps my older son from running all over my daughter's play space and keeps his small toys out of her area.

This is just the cutest play mat ever! I got this to give to my son and daughter in-law for my 3 month old granddaughter. The play mat was very easy to put together and I had fun arranging the mats by color, Once is was put together we put Autumn in it and was pleased to see that she enjoyed being on the soft mats. We even turned her on her tummy to give her some tummy time while laying on it. She drooled allot on it and it was very easy to clean up so it would be ready for next time. I like knowing that she will safe on this mat and off the hard floor on a padded surface. The when she starts rolling she will be confined so it will help her mom. This is a keeper!

Karen H. - Amazon Customer